Coming 2017!  Zhanjiang Tours for our ZKO families

After traveling to Zhanjiang for many years, ZKO felt this was an area which we could give back to those families who have adopted children from Zhanjiang and want to return for a visit.

Our hope is we can help those coming back to have a positive experience, while also making it more affordable for our ZKO families.

Donghai IslandSeaside Park

Starting July 1, 2017 we will be offering the following package options for those families returning to Zhanjiang:

  • Orphanage Visit – Visit the orphanage, SS Preschool and have lunch with an orphanage official
  • Finding Location—Visit your child’s finding location
  • Grace Village—Visit the babies at Grace Villages’ Ava’s House, Angel’s House, and Preschool
  • Volcano Lake—Tour this popular lake and park, followed by lunch
  • South China Sea—Visit the sea, followed by lunch at a local seafood restaurant or of your liking
  • Pearl Market—Visit and shop for Zhanjiang local pearls
  • Countryside Tour—Travel the countryside, visit a local pineapple plantation, followed by lunch
  • Bayline Cruise—Cruise the bay line and see all of ZJ City’s skyline
  • Zhanjiang City Tour—Visit the old Chikan district where the ZJ orphanage is located.  This tour includes a stop at the Catholic Church which originally founded the ZJ orphanage, tour local markets, see the original French Embassy in ZJ City, and many of the original French architecture buildings which still stand.


  • Transportation/Guide Service--If you are traveling to Zhanjiang City we can help with airport pick up and delivery or translation/guide services (for adoptive families only)

For additional information, or to schedule your family's visit to Zhanjiang, please contact Vickie Bennett at [email protected] 


Want to mail a care package to the Zhanjiang Orphanage?

Print, clip, and attach the below mailing label to packages you are sending!Zhanjiang Orphanage

**NOTE**  Please do not send clothing, stuffed animals, toys, or blankets that you do not wish to have shared with all the children. Thank you for your understanding in this request.

Tip: It's best to declare your package as having $0 value on customs forms to help make sure the package reaches the orphanage safely.