Meet the Shining Stars Staff

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found a teacher certified in special education to lead our program, as well as supervise our two teacher's aides.

Meet Miss Jessica

Ms. Jessica has been the lead teacher for our Shining Stars preschool since 2014 and has two teacher's aides who assists her as well.  She is the most loving and compassionate woman.  She will tell you that children who are in her classroom are more than just her students, they are "her" children.  She loves each of them and has such a gentle spirit as she teaches them daily.

Since becoming our lead teacher, nine of our Shining Star students have graduated from her program--Children which we were told would never learn are now attending school with peers their own age at the orphanage.

Although Miss Jessica is paid to lead our Shining Stars classroom Monday thru Friday, she volunteers many hours in the evenings and weekends for the orphanage when they are short staffed.  While her job is teaching these children, she also wants to make sure they are loved and well cared for outside of the classroom and beyond the times they are in school.

Miss Jessica is not only their teacher, she is the mama figure to all of them.