Shining Stars

In November 2011, Zhanjiang Kids Organization partnered with the Doshier Foundation to implement the long awaited Shining Stars preschool program. Every day the children, ages 3 to 7, spend their time learning and growing in the Shining Stars classroom. For these children, learning comes especially hard as they all have special needs ranging from blindness to autism.

Shining Stars is one of the first programs of its kind in China’s government-run orphanages. We are so proud of the difference this program is making in these children’s lives.

Help to make a difference

Shining StarsYour donation can help to support this program as these very special children expand their world and their learning in the Shining Stars classroom. Help to keep the dream alive!

The Tangible Results

The children learn tangible skills such as knowing their colors, shapes, and numbers.  But even more than that, their world is opened up to creative play through dance, music, singing, playing dress up, and art.

The teachers work hard to ensure that every child reaches their fullest learning potential through individualized educational plans (IEPs). Each child is also taught Chinese Sign Language (CSL) as an expanded means of communication among themselves and the children who are deaf/mute, and even their nannies when they are not in the classroom.  

Progress reports on the children are filed quarterly. ZKO’s medical and educational team evaluates every child’s report. Through these reports, adjustments can be made to each child’s IEP.

The intangibles that change lives

What is harder to track, but perhaps even more crucial, is how the consistency of love and care the teachers give these children convinces them they can learn, they are loved, and they are valued.

Some of the most basic, crucial skills that are normally not taught in an institutional setting are provided by the teachers every day. Our children are taught social skills such as sharing, manners, taking turns, and showing compassion to others.

During a recent visit by the local government, our Shining Stars students shook hands and welcomed their guests to their classroom. Upon leaving one official told the SWI director, “These children do not act like other children in our orphanages.”

This visit resulted in the government returning to the Shining Stars classroom and videotaping the program running live for several days, with the end goal of replicating our program in other orphanages throughout the Guangdong Province.

All of the children are special

While most of these children will never be adopted, the extra attention they receive at this crucial point can make a functional life possible. It is our hope that this program will be able to make such of a difference that some of our children will qualify to be adopted.