Ava's House


A Special Home for Special Children 

Ava's House

Grace Village's second home ~Ava's House~ opened in July 2016. This home is designated for those children born with Down syndrome and provides specialized care from staff who have been trained in the care and development of children born with Down syndrome. 


 As new babies arrive at the orphanage they are brought home to Ava's House where they will be given the extra special attention they need to grow and thrive in their new loving home while they wait for their forever families.



We believe in you!

We believe that every one of our babies should be cared for in a loving home environment, and the ayis that care for them are given specialized training in the development of children born with Down syndrome.

Our trained staff are taught that children with Down syndrome can do anything a child without DS can do. It just takes them a little longer to get there. Our staff are also trained to teach our children ASL, provide daily therapy for their babies, along with activities and special toys to aid in their development.